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19 Aug 20184 stars

Intense and all-consuming performance from the celebrated dancer / choreographer

First premiered a few months ago in Athens, Akram Khan's solo work, XENOS (meaning 'other' or 'foreigner' in Greek) is billed as one of the last, full-length performances that the celebrated dancer / choreographer will make. XENOS looks at the…

English National Ballet – Akram Khan's Giselle

6 Oct 20164 stars

Folk classic re-emerges as urgent and compelling new ballet

It's not until the interval that you realise your whole body has been responding to the first act of Akram Khan's Giselle. From the moment the curtain rises, revealing 30 dancers with their backs to us pushing hard against a vast grey wall, to its slow…

Chotto Desh

15 Aug 20164 stars

Akram Khan's portrait of the dancer as a young man is vibrant and vivid

Akram Khan was already a huge name in British choreography when he shot to fame at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. So it is both humbling and heartening to see him share the story of his upbringing and road to dance in this solo piece…

Interview: Akram Khan – Sylvie Guillem: Life in Progress

31 Jul 2015

‘People say they love to dance, but with Sylvie you see the reality and proof of it,’

Sylvie Guillem is no stranger to the creative process. A professional dancer at Paris Opera Ballet since the age of 16, followed by an illustrious career with companies around the world, she’s met her fair share of choreographers. But, having turned…


2 Sep 20145 stars

Akram Khan's tale from the Mahabharata masterfully performed at the Edinburgh International Festival

Two thirds of the way into the first half of Akram Khan’s programme he stops to talk to the audience. Softly and carefully he explains that the rhythms of the Kathak dance he has been performing so virtuosically are based around mathematics. He…

Akram Khan Company bring their show Gnosis to 2014 Edinburgh International Festival

15 Jul 2014

Dancer and creator Akram Khan is back on fighting form with work based a Hindu goddess

Touring the world for two years with one of Britain’s most revered theatre directors would be a dream come true for most performers. But when you’re 13 years old and accustomed to spending time watching Michael Jackson videos to perfect your dance…