A Respectable Widow Takes to Vulgarity

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Breakfast Plays: A Respectable Widow Takes To Vulgarity

20 Aug 20134 stars

Douglas Maxwell's script finally proves that swearing is both big and clever

Although a barrage of f-words and c-words is a tough call first thing in the morning, Douglas Maxwell’s plea for a more tolerant attitude to bad language is hidden beneath a fast-paced and witty comedy. Following one woman’s attempt to come to terms…

A Respectable Widow Takes to Vulgarity

19 Feb 2013

Douglas Maxwell play charts middle class woman who discovers richness of swearing

'I started off with the idea of calling someone ‘a cunt’ but meaning it nicely,’ says Douglas Maxwell of his new play, ‘and then I thought of people who just don’t swear. Theatre’s a sweary industry, working in it we assume that everyone swears, but…