A Haunted House

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Marlon Wayans thinking about White Chicks 2

22 Oct 2013

Film gossip

Marlon Wayans is considering a 'White Chicks' sequel. The talented comedian has revealed he and brother Shawn Wayans have had discussions about reprising their gender-bending roles from the hit 2004 comedy in a follow-up. The sibling duo played…

Jaime Pressly to star in A Haunted House 2

27 Aug 2013

Film gossip

Jaime Pressly will star in 'A Haunted House 2'. The 'My Name is Earl' actress has joined the horror-comedy sequel in an unknown role alongside actor-and-producer Marlon Wayans and newcomer Steele Stebbins. The actress will also star opposite…

A Haunted House

18 Jun 20131 star

A derivative, mean-spirited, misogynist Paranormal Activity spoof from Marlon Wayans

The Paranormal Activity model, whereby cheap, lo-fi horror films gain surprisingly high grosses, seems to work for horror spoofs as well; after contributing to the first two entries in the lamentable Scary Movie franchise, Marlon Wayans goes solo with A…