A Betrayal of Penguins

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Don't Run with Scissors

9 Aug 20103 stars

A Betrayal of Penguins can't quite regain of glory of 2009

Like most glorious debut ventures, the ‘difficult second album’ syndrome is a tough nut to batter. And try as they might, A Betrayal of Penguins just can’t quite regain the glory of 2009 in their new show, Don’t Run with Scissors. Some might point to a…

Edinburgh Fringe 2010 comedy highlights for a fiver

27 Jul 2010

The best comedy shows doing cheap previews

A Betrayal of Penguins The two young Irish jokers return with more sketchy nonsense in a show entitled Don't Run with Scissors? Gilded Balloon Teviot, 4-6 Aug, 2.45pm. Adam Riches The man behind Rogues Males is back in the saddle as he…

The List Festival Awards: 2009

21 Aug 2009

From chicken sex to naked puppets

Our annual awards for the most interesting and unique shows out there.

A Betrayal of Penguins

18 Aug 20094 stars

Penguin-based humour has never seemed such fun

If you’ve been searching for the next big thing of Irish comedy, then this pair of social misfits might well do the trick. John Gallagher (‘renegade historian’) and Matthew Smyth (‘economist with nothing to lose’), take us on a breakneck adventure…