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Fringe preview: Lost Map's Howlin' Fringe

24 Jul 2015

DIY collective descend on Penicuik this August with an eclectic mini-fest

'We're a DIY record label and grassroots collective of like-minded musicians predominantly scattered around Scotland,' explains Johnny Lynch, founder of Lost Map records. The micro-label was set up by Lynch when he parted ways with Fence Records to…

Rozi Plain – Friend

1 May 20154 stars

Synth-folk shanties to die for, with Alexis ‘Hot Chip’ Taylor and François & the Atlas Mountains

Rozi Plain’s third album opens on a contemplative note: ‘it will be reported to be a difficult year, a tumultuous year,’ she sings on ‘Actually’. A sadness pervades this collection of songs, nostalgia too, but as much as Plain may be looking backwards…

Nothing Ever Happens Here

20 Mar 2015

Broken Records’ Jamie Sutherland talks about Summerhall’s new music programme

That name is a joke, although some might not believe that. It’s a play on the often-parroted refrain that nothing happens in Edinburgh musically, that it’s a dead zone compared to ever-bustling Glasgow. Despite slightly overblown newspaper headlines…

Singles round up – September 2014

16 Sep 2014

Including new releases from Garden of Elks, Rozi Plain and Rachel Dadd, Baio and Night Noise Team

Garden of Elks – Yoop EP (Self-released) ●●●● Something of a Glasgow rock supergroup with members of Bronto Skylift, Paws and the late Dananananaykroyd in their number, Garden of Elks release an EP which is pleasingly not at all what might be expected…

Johnny Lynch says goodbye Fence Records, hello Lost Map

20 Aug 2013

The man also known as The Pictish Trail says a fond farewell to Fence and launches a new label

‘I joined Fife’s Fence Records full time back in the summer of 2003. I’d released my first home recordings on the label under The Pictish Trail name the previous year, and suddenly found myself cutting out photocopied album artwork, spray-painting CD…

Rozi Plain - Joined Sometimes Unjoined

8 Oct 20123 stars

Gentle folk-pop vocals against a backdrop of ambient lo-fi production

Like a number of her Fence Collective label mates, singer/ songwriter Rozi Plain has a penchant for subtle yet obscure arrangements, slightly left of centre of the ethereal melodies that populate her latest offering Joined Sometimes Unjoined. The…

Johnny Lynch of Fence Records talks exclusively to The List about Home Game 2011

18 Apr 2011

Fence Records’ annual Anstruther-based shindig Home Game is approaching once again, offering three days of intimate musical adventures for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on one of the 400 highly-coveted tickets. ‘We’ve spent 8 years building…

Fence Homegame 2010 line-up

20 Jan 2010

‘We’ve got the incredible Four Tet headlining on the Sunday night. His live sets are always spectacularly electric – so we’re really excited. Kieran has been to Homegame before, playing guitar as part of One Little Plane – so we’re delighted to have him…

Exposure: Fránçois And The Atlas Mountains

23 Nov 2009

Fife’s Fence Records, a haven for musicians who celebrate the DIY approach to their work, welcomes a new signing in the form of Bristol-based Frenchman Fránçois Marry aka Fránçois And The Atlas Mountains. Fránçois is an multi-talented songwriter…

Rozi Plain - Inside Over Here and Pictish Trail - Secret Soundz Vol 1

11 Dec 20084 stars

FOLK-POP-ROCK These two wonderful offerings from the ever-expanding Fence Collective serve to highlight just how diverse and ambitious the East Neuk’s musical cottage industry has become. Rozi Plain is a young Bristol-based singer-songwriter, and…

5 Reasons To Go See - King Creosote

8 May 2008

1 He’s royalty Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote) is a local legend responsible, along with his label Fence Records, for a renaissance of Scottish folk, lo-fi, electronica and rock. All done from a bolthole in the East Neuk of Fife. Clever, eh? 2…