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14 Aug 20183 stars

Two Jewish sportswomen choose to hide their origins at the 1936 Olympics

Henry Naylor's Games details the story of two Jewish athletes at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and specifically how Hitler gained and manipulated popular support through sport. From the Redbeard theatre company, Games tells of fencer Helene Mayer and…

Borders by Henry Naylor

10 Aug 20174 stars

A refugee crosses paths with a war photographer

Writer and producer Henry Naylor had a considerable pedigree as a comedy-writer for television even before his trilogy of plays on the war on terror (The Collector, Echoes and Angel). His satire has become increasingly hard as his subjects have become…


15 Aug 20164 stars

The third consecutive new play at the Fringe by former TV funny man

Former comedy screenwriter Henry Naylor (Spitting Image, Alistair MacGowan, Rory Bremner, one half of Parsons and Naylor) is beginning to make a habit of this. For the third year running, he's returned to the Gilded Balloon with a serious dramatic play…

Echoes by Henry Naylor

17 Aug 20153 stars

Two women suffering the same fate in sturdy drama

A veteran of stage and screen, and previous Fringe First winner for The Collector, Henry Naylor's pedigree is not in dispute. This sturdy play examines two intelligent young British women: Tillie, an outspoken Victorian maverick and Samira, a bright…

The Collector

31 Jul 20142 stars

Edinburgh Fringe satire set in the aftermath of the Gulf War suffers from pedestrian direction

Despite three strong central performances, and a twisting plot that explores the moral compromises made by both Iraqis and Americans in the aftermath of the Gulf War, The Collector loses much of its impact due to its pedestrian direction. Following…