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Crystal Stilts - Nature Noir

18 Sep 20134 stars

Cleaner production lets these outsidery cousins of jangly indie-pop sparkle

The dark, mysterious, outsidery cousins of jangly indie-pop, Crystal Stilts seem to thrive on awkwardness. Their live shows have come on from the shambolic early days circa 2009’s Alight of Night when now-solo-artist Frankie Rose moonlighted…

Crystal Stilts UK tour takes in Glasgow date

3 Mar 2011

The noise-pop group's JB Townshend talks to us ahead of their show at the Arches.

‘It’s the morning, I’m at home in Brooklyn,’ informs JB Townsend, guitarist in ethereal noisemongers Crystal Stilts, ‘just watching a movie about a giant squid.’ Ah, the life of the between-albums alternative musician. Townsend’s band’s debut album…

Crystal Stilts

10 Aug 2009

Deep, dark pop and new wave from this Brooklyn collective who draw influences from the likes of Velvet Underground, Joy Division and Jesus & The Mary Chain for a reverberating sonic dirge of spectral guitar and rumbling bass as seen on recent album…

Crystal Stilts - Alight of Night

5 Feb 20092 stars

INDIE You know Crystal Stilts are hip because they’re from Brooklyn, right? Well, here’s some news for you: whatever your locality, you still need to write a decent melody every now and then. The fivesome’s striking image, and the mean and moody…