Jay-Z praises Snoop Dogg's 'great voice'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 April 2018


Jay-Z has heaped praise on fellow rapper Snoop Dogg, insisting the 'Drop It Like It's Hot' hitmaker has a "great voice" and can make any tune sound "really good"

Jay-Z has praised Snoop Dogg for having a "great voice".

The 48-year-old rapper singled out the 'Drop It Like It's Hot' hitmaker for sounding "really good" on his tunes, insisting the 46-year-old star could perform any song and make it sound sublime.

He said: "You can have a great voice and you can almost say anything you want.

"Snoop Dogg has a great voice. Like, he can say, 'One, two, three, and to the four', and you're like, 'Oh my god!' It just sounds good, right? It just sounds really good."

As well as Snoop, Jay has also heaped praise on fellow rapper Eminem, insisting his voice inflection is "amazing".

Speaking in a trailer for David Letterman's new Netflix show, 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction', he added: "Or you can be someone like Eminem who has amazing cadence. It's almost like a syncopation.

"It almost becomes this percussion inside the music. So there's multiple ways to be really good. Some people have it all."

This comes after Eminem admitted last year he is impressed with the way the 'Empire State of Mind' hitmaker has managed to "stay relevant" over the years while still maintaining his individuality.

He said: "I get the part about not liking what your parents like, but we're also in this weird place where 40-somethings can listen to music with their kids who might be 20-somethings and they can all like the same thing.

"This is making me think about Jay-Z. What I love about him is that he's figured out a way to stay relevant without conforming.

"He's so good at what he does that he makes people follow him, which is super interesting because one of the things that's great about hip-hop is that it hasn't been around so long that we know what a full career is supposed to look like."

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