Kylie Minogue's new album is about 'accepting' herself

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  • 30 March 2018
Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue's new album 'Golden' is about "accepting" herself and is not a heartbreak album

Kylie Minogue's new album is about "accepting" herself.

The 'Dancing' hitmaker insists her new LP 'Golden' isn't a heartbreak album but instead is about learning to live herself and accepting herself for who she is.

Speaking in the The Dan Wootton Interview podcast, she said: "I love singing those lyrics. I probably could not have sung them at the beginning of the year but certainly, once I was feeling great, I was so happy to sing them.

"It was just taking a very honest look at where I am in my life. I'm definitely not alone. People understand. That's part of life. People want to simplify it and say it's a heartbreak album, it's actually not. There's some songs about that but I think it's about acceptance of yourself. That to me is what the strongest emotion is."

Meanwhile, Kylie previously revealed she felt the "weight" of her heartbreak leave her when she started penning new music.

She said: "When I first went into the studio [this time], I was a bit broken. I wasn't so heartbroken - I was just a bit broken. And there's a difference there. I just needed to get a few songs out, get the words out of my system.

"I suppose it's like, in any situation, if you hold onto something, as soon as you say it out loud to a friend or a therapist or a stranger, it just takes the weight off once you verbalise it."

And Kylie had likened songwriting to "therapy".

She explained: "I hadn't been there. I said to a few people, 'I'm going to Nashville. Have you been there?' They spoke with such excitement and love for the city, literally. They were giving me advice on which bar to go to and where to eat and blah blah blah ... Songwriting can be a bit like therapy; you have to feel comfortable to talk about personal things."

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