Sir Elton John won't completely retire

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  • 30 March 2018
Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John might be giving up live performance but he won't retire completely

Sir Elton John thinks retirement would be "boring".

The 70-year-old singer - who has sons Zachary, seven, and Elijah, five, with husband David Furnish - is planning his final three-year world tour, and though he's stepping away from live performance, he insists he'll never give up his career entirely.

He told Britain's OK! magazine: "I'll never retire. It sounds so boring to me. I'm simply stopping all the travel.

"My boys are at an age now where it's no longer practical with their schooling and schedules. If we didn't have children, I'd continue travelling.

"I'm still going to record albums, write music, produce movies and write musicals.

"It's not about me, I can't be self-focused.

"I have a family ho need me - my husband, my boys.

"I have responsibilities that means I have to pull back. They come first, before anything and anyone else."

The 'Healing Hands' singer is the "most excited" he's ever been about tour for his final shows because he views it as more of a "triumphant thank you" than a "sad goodbye".

He said: "It's not an easy decision but it's the right decision.

"I'm possibly the most excited I've ever been for a tour because I'm planning on visiting every country in the world who's welcomed and supported me.

"This is my thank you to each and every fan. So it's not a sad goodbye, it's a triumphant thank you."

Though Elton is giving up touring for the sake of his family, after suffering a potentially-deadly infection last year, he admits it would also be good for his health.

He said: "Every year I'd do a couple of hundred flights and it's starting to take it out of me.

"I had a health scare last year, it was quite serious.

"I'm fine now but it played into the decision.

"My body isn't invincible, I have to respect it and treat it more kindly, and chopping out those air miles can't hurt."

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