Guy Ritchie's road rage

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 July 2008
Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie and Madonna

Guy Ritchie drove a car at his wife Madonna's brother Christopher Ciccone, it has been claimed.

Christopher, who is estranged from his pop superstar sibling, alleges the British film director once tried to intimidate him by driving dangerously close to him.

In his new book, 'Life With My Sister Madonna', Christopher recalled the incident, saying: "Guy Ritchie turns up in Madonna's black Mercedes and drives at me. When he is about a foot from me, he veers the car away, just missing my foot. I neither flinch nor move from my position.

"He stops the car, rolls down the window and says, 'Are you trying to prove a point?'

"I say, 'No, but I think you must be.' "

Christopher also hints at his brother-in-law's "homophobia".

He revealed: "Guy's pride in his own heterosexuality swells noticeably when he is in the presence of a gay man like me."

Despite the animosity between Guy and Christopher, the author insists he wants his sister's marriage to last.

He writes: "No matter how much I dislike Guy, he is her husband and I want her to be happy with him, even though their life together is sometimes difficult."

The autobiography also reveals details about Christopher's relationship with his sister, her romances with both men and women and the extent of her controlling ways.

He added: "The Madonna I once knew is lost to me for ever, I am sorry for her and us."

'Life With My Sister Madonna' goes on sale today (14.07.08).

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