Practical joker Bex

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  • 13 July 2008


Rebecca, Stuart and Dale played practical jokes on the rest of the 'Big Brother' housemates last night. The mischievous trio decided to liven things up a bit by constructing toothpaste bombs and throwing them at the group, but is wasn't long before they turned on each other.

Bex and Stuart started the fun by attempting to make a sling out of a bra in the garden.

When the contraption failed the pair decided to ask Big Brother for a condom, as they thought it would be more likely to work.

Sensing they were up to no good, Dale decided to get in on the action and asked if either of them had ever made toothpaste bombs.

Delighted by the suggestion, Bex and Stuart let Dale in on their plan.

As the trio went into the bathroom to construct their weapons, eagle-eyed Rex spotted something was afoot.

The chef started knocking on the bathroom door in an attempt to discover what was going on, only for Bex to shout: "I'm having a poo, f**k off!"

However, Rex refused to give up so Bex eventually explained what they were doing, saying: "We're going to chuck them at everyone."

Rex replied: "You guys are nuts. If I hadn't come in here you would have lobbed one at me!"

The trio unashamedly agreed with Rex.

Next, Bex and Stuart covered their faces with scarves before launching the bombs at the unsuspecting housemates.

Once their targets were hit, they decided to turn on each other and Bex was soon plastered in paste.

She said: "I knew that would happen!"

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