Sara's secret mission?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 July 2008


The 'Big Brother' contestants think new housemate Sara is involved with a secret task. During a discussion in the bathroom last night, Rex and Kathreya convinced themselves sexy Sara is on a secret mission from Big Brother because they think she has been acting strangely ever since she entered the house.

Rex said: "She obviously knows we know. She looked uncomfortable in the bathroom. I reckon she'll change when the task is over."

Meanwhile, Belinda, Bex, Rachel, Sara and Stuart were also swapping conspiracy theories in the living room.

Mild-mannered Rachel said she "didn't want to think about it" because it makes her paranoid.

Bex then rushed in to see Rex and Kat and asked them if they thought something fishy was going on in the house.

Rex replied: "Well we were thinking Sara..."

Before he could complete his sentence, a delighted Bex shrieked: "Yes, you think it's Sara too!"

Later, Rex returned to his favourite subject of Sara but added a new dimension to the gossip surrounding her.

He said: "Sara is definitely involved in the secret task. Maysoon has clocked on. She avoids Sara all the day like the plague and then they go to bed together. When they go out for a cigarette they don't talk to each other, they talk to me. I think they're a couple."

Rachel replied she didn't think the girls were together, but Kat thought it was a possibility.

Rex added: "She tries it on with all the boys."

To which Darnell responded: "And she does that sexy dance like your aunty does, it's so unsexy I'm uncomfortable."

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