Housemates' Big campaign

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  • 13 July 2008


Luke, Darnell and Dale have started campaigning to become head of the Big Brother house. The three contestants were picked to run for the prestigious position by the rest of the group after Big Brother announced the house would be electing a leader - who will be immune from eviction, order the shopping list, choose when tokens are used and be responsible for tasks - yesterday.

Later, the candidates delivered their election speeches from podiums in the living room.

Dale was first up and was keen to point out he wanted the house to remain a democracy.

He said: "Right guys. We're all a family and we've all got to listen to work together, to get individual opinions across. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Just because it says there's a Head of House doesn't mean anything has to change. It's a democratic house and it always has been."

Luke was next, saying: "Housemates, friends. I have now evicted the basic budget. This week, we will not - we will not - we will not go back to basics! It's simple - it's like two plus two. We should choose the best people for the best Task."

He then refused to comment on his relationship with busty Rebecca - who he kissed earlier in the week - claiming he was "a politician" when any awkward questions were asked.

Finally, Darnell decided to get the housemates thinking with a hard-hitting speech: "The House is in a shambles, straight-up. Halfway since we've got here, we've had two removals, numerous housemates in tears. It is broke, it does need to be fixed. And as far as back to basics goes, look around. Have you looked in the fridge lately?"

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