Anne-Marie's tour nerves

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  • 18 March 2018


Anne-Marie is feeling both "nervous" and "excited" about her forthcoming UK tour

Anne-Marie is "nervous" about her forthcoming tour.

The 'Friends' hitmaker kicks of her UK headline run at O2 Institute Birmingham on Monday (19.03.18), and while she is "excited" to perform for her fans, she's been struggling with insomnia after binge-watching wedding TV show 'Say Yes To The Dress'.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday morning (18.03.18), she explained: "I'm so excited/nervous about tour I've been watching Say yes to the dress on repeat every night all night for the past week. I repeat, I have not slept. I repeat, tour starts MONDAY! (sic)"

The 26-year-old pop beauty then asked "the sleep God" to fix her.

She added:"Who's the sleep god? The god of sleep. Can u tell them to help me out (sic)"

The 'Heavy' singer previously confessed she is a "bit scared" about releasing her debut album.

'Speak Your Mind' is out next month and though she's been waiting ages for fans to hear her record, she is nervous about the reaction when it finally drops.

She said: "It's finally coming.It's actually so scary now as well. I was really impatient about it coming out, and now it's finally on, I'm a bit scared.

"It's called 'Speak Your Mind', and yeah I'm excited. I can't wait...

"It's scary because it's taken about five years, it's been in the making for five years.

"People's expectation is scaring me, cos I hope that they like it, but you never know. I'm just hoping everyone likes it. I've tried to put as much as myself on it as possible.

"Loads of different vibes, different subjects, different things that I'm talking about - it's just scary."

Anne-Marie admitted she's had every detail of the record planned for a long time, but feigned ignorance when asked about it until recently.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, she said: "I knew everything about it, all of it. I knew the title of it, I knew what songs were gonna be on it, and I was like 'I don't know.' "

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