Catherine Zeta-Jones' shoe row

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 July 2008
Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones' shoe row

Catherine Zeta-Jones says her husband Michael Douglas tells her off about how many pairs of shoes she owns.

The 38-year-old actress - who has two children, seven-year-old Dylan and five-year-old Carys with Michael - admits she is often subjected to lectures from Michael, 63, about the amount of footwear she has in her closet.

She said: "I have so many pairs of shoes - it's ridiculous. Michael often takes me into my closet and says, 'Could you explain to me why you have all these shoes?' It's because I travel a lot - and I have certain outfits that only go with certain shoes. That's my excuse anyway! I love Christian Louboutins."

Catherine also revealed she couldn't imagine what life would be like without her husband.

She added to Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine: "I've been married to Michael for eight years. As he is older than me, he's been through the mill so can put up with me.

"Our careers are equally important - and as he's been so successful, he is happy to take a back seat sometimes. We're crazy about each other. I couldn't imagine waking up without him by my side."

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