Mario - 'legendary housemate'

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  • 12 July 2008

Mario was legendary, according to Davina

Davina McCall has branded Mario a "legendary housemate". The 'Big Brother' presenter said although she thinks the moody muscleman - who was evicted last night - was "hideous" to girlfriend Lisa in the past week, he was very entertaining to watch.

She said: "He's just been a legendary housemate. He's been so entertaining to watch and so different and funny.

"And I can't wait to see what happens to Lisa. Will she let go more? Will she smile more? Will she be released?"

The bubbly host was also gob-smacked by Mario's inability to grasp how much he resembles Ricky Gervais' character David Brent from BBC sitcom 'The Office'.

She said: "Oh my god, he just didn't get it! I showed him his classic moments as a 'manager of people'. And he still didn't get it!"

Davina went on to point out the regretful look on the beefcake's face when he saw his suspicions about sweet-natured Rachel were unfounded.

She said: "Did you see Mario's face when I told him Rachel really liked him. I think he felt really guilty. Good! Because she did really like him and he hated her."

Davina also hinted at the responsibilities the new "head of house" will have, saying that some of them "might not be good."

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