Horace Panter gives Beano characters punk pop-art makeover

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  • 14 March 2018
Beano pop-art

Beano pop-art

The Specials bassist Horace Panter has given 'Beano' favourites a punk pop-art twist, as he took on characters like Minnie the Minx, and Dennis and Gnasher

Horace Panter has given iconic 'Beano' characters a punk twist in a series of new pop-art pieces.

The Specials bassist has paid tribute to the beloved British comic book - which celebrates its 80th year in 2018 - with a collection of artwork which sees the likes of Dennis the Menace placed into famous pieces.

The collection - which does on display for a public exhibition at Beano Studios in London on April 19 - sees Minnie the Minx reimagined as an Andy Warhol starlet, while Dennis and Gnasher are seen making mischief in David Hockney's LA swimming pool.

Also part of the collection is a piece which sees Lord Snooty in the style of Roy Lichtenstein's work

Minnie the Minx as a Warhol starlet, Lord Snooty - who appeared in the very first issue of the 'Beano' in 1938 - as an iconic character in the style of a Roy Lichtenstein painting.

Horace said: "Growing up, there was always Beano around; those characters were an integral part of my childhood. Dennis, Minnie the Minx and, my personal favourites, the Bash Street Kids - street smart, irreverent anti-heroes for the under 12s; when punk rock came along it seemed like the Beano set to music!

"I'd like to think the paintings are funny and irreverent, but paying homage to both my favourite artists and to the comic characters.

"Hope you like them as much as I do. For me, it's the ultimate labour of love."

Meanwhile Allison Watkins, EVP Global Consumer Products & TV Distribution at Beano Studios, added: "Over the past 80 years, Beano has been the visual soundtrack to British childhood.

Whether in the forties, seventies, or noughties, our characters have paved the way for fun and raucous adventures, making this partnership with Horace Panter the perfect fit and a wonderful way to celebrate this big Beano birthday."

Horace - who graduated in 1975 with a degree in Fine Art from Lanchester Polytechnic, now Coventry University - is best known as the bassist for 2Tone ska legends The Specials, but has been exhibiting his art in the UK since 2008.

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