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  • 12 July 2008

Lisa says the pressure is off

Lisa says life in the 'Big Brother' house will be easier without Mario.

The former bodybuilder revealed how difficult she found living with her boyfriend - who was evicted last night - during the past five weeks on the reality show.

She told politics student Luke she felt her life will be rosier now she only has to think of herself and that the "pressure is off".

The 40-year-old sales rep also said the contestants have succeeded in their game to evict the "power couple".

She said: "People think we might influence each other's nomination."

US songwriter Darnell - who nominated the couple - told Mario and Lisa the only reason Mario was up for eviction was because he was part of a couple.

But "psychic" Lisa defended her beau, saying he had a tough time in the house from day one when he had to pretend to be romantically involved with 19-year-old Stephanie.

She said: "His head must be battered."

Luke was quick to comfort her.

He said: "It is not as if he is dead, you will see him again."

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