The Ting Tings' sink wash

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  • 12 July 2008
Ting Tings

The Ting Tings' sink wash

The Ting Tings have to wash their clothes in the sink.

Singer Katie White has revealed she and her bandmate Jules De Martino have to take drastic measures to stay clean while they are on tour because they are always so busy.

She said: "We use travel wash! We're never in the same hotel, if you're in a hotel for two nights you can get them to wash it but we're always just going the next day.

"I'm hell bent on keeping my clothes clean. It's the biggest pain in my life finding somewhere to wash my clothes but we can always find somewhere!"

Despite being chart-topping pop stars, Jules admits the duo's clothes are full of holes.

He revealed: "We're counting the holes in them, we've got holes all over them at the moment. We don't have time to go shopping."

The pair - who shot to fame with their hit single 'That's Not My Name' - have not yet been able to enjoy the trappings of their success, because they never stop working.

Jules added: "It's just really hard. We don't get to celebrate a lot because every time we get a bit of good news, wherever we are, we're off to the next country so we don't get to hang around and enjoy that moment which is a bit sad.

"But then the next moment you're in Japan or wherever you are in Europe. That's a whole new learning curve and it's just as exciting in a different way."

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