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  • 11 July 2008

Sara was shocked Luke was sober

Sara told Rebecca she can't believe Luke was sober when he snogged her last night.

The sexy Aussie - who was busy throwing up as Rebecca got it on with the skinny student - quizzed Rebecca on the steamy session this afternoon during a break from their music task.

She said: "I'd love to know what was going through Luke's head. He was sober!"

The 27-year-old PA grilled Bex - who is up for eviction tonight - about the controversial snog.

She asked: "Did you actually kiss?"

Rebecca replied: "Loads. Serious."

Sara added: "Are you joking? I can't imagine that happening. How did it start?"

Rebecca answered: "We were messing about."

Sara continued to probe the motor-mouthed nursery nurse and asked if they were touching each other beneath the sheets.

She added: "This is just so weird."

But Rebecca played down the clinch, saying it "wasn't anything big" - despite the fact that she locked lips with the 20-year-old long into the early hours and pleasured him with her hand.

Sara asked: "Were you proper going for it, tongues and everything?"

Rebecca replied: "Yeah. It was really bad. For, like, two hours."

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