Luke's Rebecca U-turn

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  • 11 July 2008

Luke says Rebecca wil go tonight

Luke told Mario not to bother packing because Rebecca will be evicted tonight. The two-faced 20-year-old - who locked lips with the buxom housemate just last night - told the rippling hulk he didn't fancy the nursery nurse's chances of staying in the house.

He said: "I wouldn't bother packing, Mario, because Becky's going. You've not done anything in this house to warrant getting kicked out."

Mario agreed and said Rebecca had no respect for Luke.

He said: "I think she crosses the line with you, and she doesn't respect you,"

Luke was quick to reveal his steamy clinch with the 21-year-old to fellow housemates this morning.

He told Rex: "Rebecca was quite drunk and she was very emotional. I thought the best way to comfort her was through my tongue.

"We've gone back to hating each other now."

Later, Mario reconfirmed his belief he is safe from eviction because Rebecca has done some "nasty things" in the house.

He told Luke: "I won't be going, mate. She doesn't know when to belt up. That'll put a massive nail in her coffin, mate."

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