Led Zeppelin working on 'other projects'

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  • 3 March 2018
Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page says Led Zeppelin are working on various projects to mark their 50th anniversary as a band

Jimmy Page has teased Led Zeppelin are working on "other projects".

The 'Stairway to Heaven' group mark their 50th anniversary this year and while he's excited about the upcoming release of a pictoral book he and fellow surviving members, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones, have contributed to, as well as a reissue of live album 'How The West Was Won', he admitted fans can expect some other treats to mark the milestone.

He said: "It's a bit early to talk about that.

"I'm really happy we're all doing [the book] and I am really very happy to be working with the Reel Art Press. They produce fine books.

"But there will be other projects too that we're working on and that are being discussed right now."

Jimmy has been supervising the remastering of the 2003 live album - which highlights the best performances from Led Zeppelin's legendary concerts at the Los Angeles Forum and Long Beach Arena on June 25 and 27, 1972 showcasing the band at the peak of their career - but decided against including tracks that didn't make the final cut of the record.

He told MOJO magazine: "I'm not entirely sure why 'Tangerine' was left off because it was really good.

"But I didn't want to mess with the album so we haven't added it or any other tracks.

"What's important though is that you can get the album on vinyl for the first time. It's a jolly good 5.1 mix too."

The group's website previously teased that they will be giving their fans lots of "surprises" for their anniversary, including never-heard-before tracks.

In a video posted on the Academy of Achievement website, Jimmy said: "There'll be Led Zeppelin product coming out, for sure, that people haven't heard, because I'm working on that. Next year will be the 50th year, so there's all manner of surprises coming out."

Led Zeppelin formed in 1968 and were joined by the late John Bonham on drums until his death in 1980.

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