Sara wants Stuart

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  • 11 July 2008

Sara vomited in the bedroom

Sara admitted she fancies Stuart. The sexy new housemate revealed her feelings for the dishy dad last night after glugging alcohol provided by Big Brother.

The sozzled Aussie went on to vomit on the bedroom floor.

She asked Bex: "So do you think I have a chance with Stu? He said he would never kiss anyone in the house. Can you talk him round?"

Rebecca - who later engaged in a steamy session with fellow housemate Luke - told Sara she should think of Stu as a father figure, but she would talk to him.

But soon after her love confession, the 27-year-old threw up on the bedroom floor, leaving Lisa, 40, to clean it up.

The former bodybuilder told the group Sara would be alright because she hadn't drunk enough to be paralytic.

Later, Sara continued to feel sick while sitting in the luxury bedroom.

She shouted: "I'm going to vomit, get me a bucket!"

Wealthy playboy Rex was not impressed by Sara's drunken antics.

He said: "What is wrong with people in this house? Why can no-one handle their drink?"

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