M.I.A bemoans 'corporate' music industry

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 February 2018


British rap star M.I.A has hit out at the music industry, saying it has become "narrow and corporate"

M.I.A thinks the music industry has become "narrow and corporate".

The 42-year rapper has hit out at the current landscape of the music business, suggesting that there is a lack of room for creativity and individuality.

She explained: "Music has become so narrow and corporate. To be a famous singer, you can go to Brit School, you can go on 'X-Factor', or maybe you are born into it.

"It's not like bands often meet at school now and have a community spirit. I think music has become catalogue fodder, a corporate thing that when we bring Artificial Intelligence into it, for example, using holograms for tours, the human aspect is going to disappear even further."

The musician - who is of Sri Lankan Tamil origin - revealed that she simply followed the advice of other people as she pursued her career within the entertainment industry.

Speaking to the BBC, M.I.A - who previously dated American DJ Diplo - recalled: "When I came as a refugee to England everyone said 'become a pop star, that's the best thing you can do, that's 'it', so I did that. Then they said, 'move to Beverly Hills and marry a prince and be Cinderella' and I did that too.

"I have been constantly trying to find what 'it' is in my life and I think now it's just making work. I just like working. That's always what I've done.

"All the consequences of that - all the flak I've taken over the years - they've taught me about society and that feeds into the work I make."

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