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  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 July 2008

Darnell shined in the singing task

Housemates were challenged to communicate solely though song this afternoon. Big Brother tasked the contestants with singing everything they want to say for a whole hour (3.45pm).

If they succeed, Big Brother will provide the housemates with alcohol and lemonade for this evening.

The task has proved easy for theatre director Belinda - who has a history of jazz singing - as she effortlessly mixed conversation with scat.

But Dale sang that each "bop" was like "a thousand needles" in his eye.

US songwriter Darnell also had no difficulty with the challenge as he has previously wowed his fellow housemates with his singing voice and by writing 'Cookie Love' for Kathreya.

But most of the 'singers' have irritated each other with their tuneless warbling, with some choosing to remain silent.

The rules also state the contestants must sing to Big Brother if called into the Diary Room for a chat.

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