Mario's single wish

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  • 10 July 2008

Mario would touch Sara's leg

Mario said he would touch Sara's leg if he was single.

The self-labelled "Italian Stallion" from Widnes told Mikey he would have no problem with the sexy Australian's flirty advances if he wasn't with girlfriend Lisa.

The fake tanned hunk also said he thought Sara was playing a game to win favour with male housemates.

He said: "Sara is playing an absolute blinder. It's a tactile thing. She was sat on Darnell's knee stroking him. She even sat next to me on the bed the other day, then she leant on me. All this touchy stuff is another body language thing. She's doing it to all the lads."

Mikey agreed, saying she had become very popular in the house.

Mario added: "Yeah. She's a bit of fluff. She doesn't give a monkey's about any lads. She's playing a whopper. Some of them know what she's doing. You are playing along with it."

But foul-mouthed comic Mikey said he didn't mind when Sara asked him to feel her legs when he she was wearing her Lycra leotard.

Mario said: "I'd do the same if I was a single lad."

Later, Mario suggested he may be in with a chance of avoiding eviction over loud-mouthed Rebecca.

He said: "I haven't annoyed as many people as her. Whether they think getting your breasts out and doing all that is funny, I don't know.

"I think a lot of people I know will think she's pathetic and needs to grow up."

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