Mario attacks Rachel

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  • 10 July 2008

Mario says Rachel is a beast

Mario branded Rachel a "spineless jellyfish" this morning. The moody muscleman launched a verbal attack on the sweet-natured beauty queen where he also called her a "beast".

Before the other housemates were awake, the 43-year-old beefcake told Mikey how the trainee teacher has the "sharpest tongue in the house".

He said: "There's a different side to her."

Later, during a conversation about the phone numbers the public call to evict housemates, Rachel said she believes hers ends in a six.

Mario said: "The number of the beast - woah."

He also had a go at her for not getting involved in the argument about ordering cigarettes on the shopping list and for agreeing with everything Mikey says.

The reserved 26-year-old later went to check on Mario to see if he was alright.

She said: "I'm worried about you."

But the muscle-bound moaner - who is up for eviction this week - refused to accept her attempts at reconciliation, saying "and I'm worried about you" before walking out of the room.

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