Housemates' paranoia frenzy

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 July 2008

Is Sara part of a secret task?

Some housemates believe Belinda, Sara and Maysoon were put in the 'Big Brother' house as part of a secret task. The paranoid contestants believe the newcomers had been studying them before they entered last week.

Stuart - who entered as a new housemate himself - said he thinks Belinda is taking part in a task to drive housemates out of the luxury bedroom.

Housemates also believed Maysoon was up to something after Big Brother called her to the Diary Room three times yesterday.

They shouted, "secret task! secret task!" as she made her way to the Diary Room for the third time.

Darnell said: "Secret task for sure."

But the bemused model - who is said to be secretly married despite claiming she is single in the house - told the group Big Brother was checking on her wounded arm.

Even Kat joined in with the gossiping, saying Sara is participating in a secret task by flirting with all the male housemates.

Stuart added: "We are way overdue a secret task."

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