Angelina Jolie's baby blackout

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 July 2008
Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie's baby blackout

Angelina Jolie's hospital room has had the windows covered to prevent photographers snapping the pregnant star.

Staff at Nice's Lenval Hospital in France insist paparazzi photographs allegedly showing her proudly showing off her expanding stomach are fake as the glass in her room has been covered.

Nadine Bauer, a spokesperson for the hospital, said: "It is impossible to see into Mr. Brad Pitt and Ms. Angelina Jolie's room. Any pictures released are either posed fakes set up by paparazzi or they are pictures of other patients. We hope this is clearly understood out of respect for all patients in this clinic.

"Again, the pictures are fakes. This is not Mr. Brad Pitt or Ms. Angelina Jolie on them. The room is clearly different and their windows are covered to prevent such photos."

The 'Wanted' actress is said to be getting more and more annoyed with staff at the exclusive hospital, saying they aren't "attentive" enough to her needs.

A source told America's InTouch Weekly magazine: "Angelina is starting to feel that the staff are starstruck and not attentive enough. She's throwing fits if she rings and they don't come quick enough. I think she's in meltdown mode. She's been getting upset if there's not enough ice in her glass.

"She's not walking around anymore. She just stays in bed, talking on her phone, typing on her computer, reading magazines and watching TV."

Meanwhile, it has also been reported bidding for the first pictures of the couple's new twins has reached a staggering $16 million, but also comes with one condition.

A source close to the couple said: "They are both insisting that the winning bidder does not use the moniker 'Brangelina' to describe them. They both hate it, but no one more than Angelina!"

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