Kanye West's enhanced anger

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  • 10 July 2008

Kanye West's enhanced anger

Kanye West needs anger enhancement classes.

The rapper has denied he needs anger management classes - saying he needs to accentuate his rage further.

Writing in his blog, Kanye responded to reports he is being ordered to take action by his management following a number of ill-tempered outbursts.

The rapper wrote: "Do y'all remember when people said my fiance was pregnant? What happened to that rumour? I guess after we broke up it was just forgot about? I'm just using that as an example of how people make up stuff and everybody runs with it. I had my own family asking me about that.

"Now the media is saying I'm going to anger management something or 'nother. I have never had any conversations about anger management. If anything, I need anger enhancement!! lol!

"I get off the plane in Hawaii today and the world is saying my management team said blah blah blah... SIIIIIIGGGHHHH! I told the media you can't make up lies about me because I have a media outlet myself.

"Oh and sidebar I don't know if everyone has realised this yet but I don't do interviews. If there's anything I wanna say I'll say right here on my own blog."

Kanye has recently made vitriolic blog postings following negative reviews of his Bonaroo Festival appearance in Tennessee and inaccurate reports that he has a painting of himself portrayed as an angel in his house.

Meanwhile, the 'Gold Digger' singer has reportedly been asked to pay his late mother's outstanding debts.

Dr. Donda West reportedly didn't leave a will when she passed away last November following complications with cosmetic surgery and, as co-executor of her mortgage, Kanye has now been asked to step in and pay her $600,000 debts.

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