Paloma Faith wants outspoken musicians

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  • 11 February 2018
Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith thinks it is "worrying" if musicians don't have anything to say in their work

Paloma Faith thinks it's "worrying" when musicians don't share their opinions in their work.

The 36-year-old singer admitted she "had a lot to say" on her fourth LP, 'The Architect' because she is concerned about modern society and thinks it's important to use her music to address issues and problems.

Paloma - who has a 13-month-old child with partner Leyman Lahcine -

said: "I've got a lot to say on my new album - I think it's worrying when artists don't.

"There aren't enough people singing about what's going on in the world - class and financial and political divisions between people, the leader of the US being on a massive ego trip and potentially plunging us into war...

"I despair at the state of the society I've brought a child into. I know this sounds like something Miss World would say, but I want my child to live in a society where people are kind."

The 'Stone Cold Sober' hitmaker thought a lot about what she wanted her child and even her future grandchildren to hear when she was making the record because she wants her music to send a positive message to them.

She told You magazine: "I thought about what kind of message I wanted to send to my child with this album.

"I was pregnant when I was writing it and realised that they will probably listen to it and one day they'll play it to their kids.

"So it had to be about kindness, empathy and compassion. They're the most valuable qualities I can instil as a parent - above academia or success.

"I don't care if my child works on a supermarket checkout forever as long as they're kind. That's how my mum raised me, too."

Paloma is currently preparing to head out on tour and she's feeling "nervous" about taking her child on the road with her in case sleepless nights cause vocal problems.

She said: "I'm nervous about the baby coming on tour with me because if I've been up all night, it affects my voice. But it does mean we get to spend daytimes together.

"There will be compromises, though. I come off stage at 11 and I'll have to wake up by 7am, so I won't be able to stand outside venues signing things for two hours afterwards like I used to."

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