Mid-week eviction tonight?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 July 2008

Mario heard a crowd outside

Housemates are convinced there will be an eviction tonight. The group were whipped into a frenzy after Mario and Luke rushed into the house saying they heard screaming and music outside.

Mario shouted: "There's gonna be a live show!"

Luke added: "I heard 'someone's name to win. That's when they started playing the cheering."

Earlier, housemates thought there could be a mid-week eviction after they were locked in the B-Block bedroom.

Bex said: "Do you think one of us is going tonight? I swear I heard barriers being scraped across the ground earlier."

Luke replied: "For all we know, the whole house has been up and one of us is going tonight."

Mario agreed, suggesting 'Big Brother' would lose viewers if they lost him or Rebecca.

He said: "We are two of the biggest people in here. Think how much revenue they would lose."

Earlier this week, housemates spotted a hint of a premature booting when a laminate stating Big Brother reserved the right to change the frequency of evictions at any time was left in the store room.

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