Too tired to tap

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 July 2008

Housemates fear they will fail today's dance task due to lack of sleep.

The sleepy contestants were kept awake for the fifth night in a row by Belinda's excessive snoring and feel they are too tired to perform the Irish jig to the best of their abilities.

Lisa said: "We've got a massive task and everyone is tired, distracted and exhausted."

The former bodybuilder told Luke and Mario the loud sleeper should have slept in the same room as the other drummers so the dancers could have got some kip.

But sweet-natured Rachel told Mikey she refused to let the snoring get to her.

She said: "I'm not getting involved in any of it. I'm just going to concentrate on passing the task today. I think it's a test to see how well we do on the task with obstacles in the way."

On top of their drowsiness, the dancers have also been plagued by ailments after Maysoon scraped her arm and Sara went down with an ear infection.

The housemates will win their fourth luxury shopping budget in a row if they pass today's task.

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