Paul Cattermole's mum had to sell his S Club 7 discs

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  • 8 February 2018
Paul Cattermole (c) Twitter

Paul Cattermole (c) Twitter

Paul Cattermole has admitted his mum had to help him sell all of his S Club 7 discs that he had stored in the attic of his family home

Paul Cattermole's mum helped her son sell all of his S Club 7 discs to help with his money troubles.

The 40-year-old former singer has recently fallen on hard times, and in a bid to earn some cash to pay off his debts, he tried to flog the two BRIT Awards he won whilst part of the 90s group on eBay.

However, the 'Don't Stop Movin' hitmaker has now revealed he was desperate, he sold off all of their old records too.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Thursday (08.02.18), Paul said: "My mum is amazing. Yeah, she has helped in a big way.

"I sold all my disc and she did it for me, bless her, they were all in storage in the loft of the family home. But they have all gone."

Paul refuses to reveal the reason why he is in desperate need of money due to legal reasons, but said it had something to do with an injury he sustained last year.

He said: "Well, last year there's something I can't really discuss that happened so it's a bit tricky but yeah, I've had an injury.

"That's what's happened in the last year. When we did the 2015 S Club tour I was, as it was written in the papers, I went bankrupt and I had to give all that money back.

"So I had to give all my money for that tour to pay that bill off, so I had to do the next job that came in which was 'Rocky Horror'.

"S Club might have done something else if I wasn't pushed into that position."

Although Paul is struggling to pay off enormous amounts of debt, he admitted he will always look back at his time with the group with fond memories.

He said: "It was a lot of fun and I look back on those days very fondly, possibly more nowadays.

"I wouldn't say it was a perfect life because it's not very easy when you're doing a pop group thing.

"There is always what it is like on the inside and how the perception is on the outside, so, but there was many, many fun times.

"It's one of those jobs you take the rough with the smooth. The rough is rough but the smooth is smooth so you got to take it all."

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