Housemates’ snore vote

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 July 2008

Belinda could be voted out

Housemates are due to vote on the solution to Belinda’s snoring today. Exhausted members of the luxury bedroom were kept awake for the fifth night in a row last night and decided something needed to be done this morning.

Maysoon was forced to sleep in the bathroom to escape the horrendous noise.

The group decided there would be a vote to see if the majority thought Belinda should alternate between the two bedrooms to give them a break.

Belinda - who housemates have labelled "Belinda-snorus" told Stuart she was woken eight times by Rebecca last night.

Stuart replied: "That's because your snoring was that bad. We couldn't sleep. It wasn't just Bex - she was doing it for the whole room. We were all up together."

Belinda said: "So you were all awake?"

Mario snapped: "Well obviously, yeah. Obviously."

The muscleman plans to "facilitate" a group vote later today.

Mikey suggested putting chick peas up Belinda’s nose.

Kathreya and Rachel had previously moved into the B-Block bedroom - which is nowhere near as comfortable - to get away from Belinda’s loud sleeping.

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