LYLO – Post Era (4 stars)

Lylo – Post Era

A fresh, bold and playful second album from Glasgow indie rockers

If the sheer number of bands and solo artists coming out of Glasgow is anything to go by, it's an exciting time to be making music in the city. But truth be told, that's always been the case – it's just that now, there seems to be a greater emphasis on continual movement, on building on innovation, experimentation and refashioning the sounds of past decades for contemporary ears. LYLO have been plugging away since 2015, positioning themselves firmly on the frontline of Glasgow's DIY scene early on with the release of their debut album Handsome Devil. Their follow-up Post Era is a continuation of this handcrafted, independent aesthetic, moving through seven tracks of dizzying synths, sax, guitars and bass.

Opening track 'Everything's Cool' is rich in its texture, with a soothing sax winding around some hazy vocals and reverb drenched guitars. The album's two singles 'You Have Your Father's Eyes' and 'Yeah Boy' share a sense of synthesis, where jazz finds its way into the mesh of sounds and cadences. On the other side of the spectrum, 'Submerge' is a melancholic piece, with a forlorn sax melody drawing out the excellent composition and songwriting in play. Likewise, 'It's Good To Know Your Man' is a mellow, celestial sounding slow-jam which fluctuates through various build ups before settling down to some echoing synth.

For any band whose output tends to fall into the realm of indie rock, remaining visible within a sea of analogous talent is no easy task. But as the quintet's second record Post Era shows, LYLO are not representative of your average indie rock darlings; they're bold in their framework and fresh in their musicality, playfully manipulating genre and structure in a way that sets them apart.

Out now on El Rancho Records.

Post Era, by LYLO


Self-penned indie-rock songs are performed by this Glasgow-based quintet. Support from Gentle Stranger.