Rebecca Ferguson stole skull from Hercules set

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  • 4 February 2018
Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson has revealed she secretly stole a prop whilst working on 'Hercules'

Rebecca Ferguson stole a skull from the set of 'Hercules'.

The 34-year-old actress admitted she likes to "liberate" souvenirs from her movies and the prop she managed to take home from the 2014 fantasy adventure is her favourite.

She said: "Of course I've stolen. But we call it 'liberating'. It sounds so much better.

"[My favourite thing I've taken was] a skull [from 'Hercules'].

"But I actually did ask the set designer if I could steal it and he looked at me and he just turned his back and walked away. And I interpreted that as, 'Obviously, of course you can steal it.' "

The 'Snowman' star admitted she's worked on some movies with "very selfish" co-stars, which never makes for a good experience.

Discussing her worst times on set, she said: "Probably when I end up with very selfish actors.

"I think this is with any job, and you think, 'God, I'm actually stuck with this person for three or four months.' You just have to make the best of it."

But Rebecca has equally had some great times working on movies, where she's felt the "kindness" and support of her co-stars and crew.

She told Total Film magazine: "I think one of the better experiences is... Let's say there is a big scene and I've been nervous for it because I just haven't really figured out my own character in it.

"And then in rehearsals, there's a kindness from the actors and the director. And you have time to figure it out and it just works.

"There was a lot of that happening on 'The Snowman' with Michael [Fassbender] and Tomas [Alfredson]."

When she gets some downtime on set, the 'Greatest Showman' actress loves playing backgammon with her co-stars.

She said: "I always travel with backgammon. Do you know who's the biggest player? Hugh Jackman.

"I came with my set, and he came with his. It was a little awkward. We chose his. He was number one on the call sheet."

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