Yxng Bane and Yungen were 'besties' straight away

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  • 4 February 2018
Yxng Bane and Yungen

Yxng Bane and Yungen

Yungen has revealed he and his 'Bestie' collaborator Yxng Bane became pals straight away

Yxng Bane and Yungen were "besties" as soon as they met.

The grime stars collaborated on one of the biggest songs of summer 2017, 'Bestie' - which is set to go platinum - and the latter has revealed they bonded instantly when they were introduced to each other for the first time, last year.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at a secret gig at Vodafone's Oxford Street Experience Store in London in partnership with global technology leader Huawei to celebrate the official UK launch of the all-new Huawei P smart phone, Yungen said: "I met him like last year, the year before, but as soon as we met we clicked straight away.

"He is like the opposite to me which is why we connect so well. We bounce off each other."

Asked if they are going to do anymore tracks together, Yungen said: "Definitely. As soon as we did 'Bestie' that was the first song we did together - we had instant chemistry."

And on whether they expected the hit song to blow up like it has, he said: "No. I had no idea it would be a hit. "

Despite performing at Wireless festival last year, Yungen is going to focus on his album instead, which he hopes will be released before the end of 2018.

On whether he plans on returning to the Finsbury Park weekender in summer, he teased: "Who knows? I might be on holiday taking a break. I would like to go, but right now I am working on the album.

"I've been doing festivals for two years straight. The most important thing this year is making new music."

The Huawei P smart is available exclusively in Vodafone stores across the UK and via the Vodafone website.

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