Franz Ferdinand get set for fifth album release and UK tour

Franz Ferdinand get set for fifth album release and UK tour

Franz Ferdinand / credit: David Edwards

Julian 'Miaoux Miaoux' Corrie's techno influence shines through Always Ascending

It came as no surprise to Franz Ferdinand when guitarist Nick McCarthy said he wanted to leave the band. His departure was announced in the spring of 2016, once their collaborative FFS project with Sparks was complete, and the challenge was to find a replacement member.

The remaining three members knew of electronic producer Julian 'Miaoux Miaoux' Corrie's work, as his album School of Velocity was up against FFS at the Scottish Album of the Year Award in 2016, while the further recommendation of Chemikal Underground (Corrie's label) at the Lost in France film première in Dublin was taken on board.

'We met up with Julian, went for a curry at Mother India's Café, had a few drinks and a chat,' recalls Alex Kapranos. 'Then we went down to my place [in Dumfriesshire] and headed to the pub, because you've got to hang out together and make sure you get on well, don't you? Eventually we played some music and the vibe was great. All of us in the band come from different backgrounds with different influences, and then you create something new as you focus within the band. I felt the same with Julian: he's a diverse and rich musical personality, and we could see that would work within our unified sound.'

The result is this month's Always Ascending, a record that fuses the arch New Wave sound which we expect from Franz with Corrie's added techno influence. 'Our ambitions are still quite essential,' says Kapranos of Franz 2.0. 'We want to make music which is exciting and surprising, and gives you that indescribable feeling when you hear a good record.'

Always Ascending is out on Domino on Fri 9 Feb. Franz Ferdinand's UK tour kicks off in Manchester on Tue 13 Feb.

Franz Ferdinand

The all-conquering, foot-stomping, guitar-jangling quintet tour new album Always Ascending.

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