Darnell warns Maysoon

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 July 2008

Darnell advised Maysoon this afternoon

Darnell advised Maysoon to keep herself to herself in the house. The shy songwriter - who often comments on how he doesn't have any close connections with fellow housemates - told stunning model Maysoon she would benefit from not getting too involved during a chat this afternoon.

He told her: "If you don't have any best friends or a role, it's better for you. Because Rex's role is in the kitchen, people will complain to him if they don't like the food."

But despite his negative view, Darnell revealed to the sexy new housemate that being the conductor of the orchestra task was his first opportunity to "shine".

Maysoon - who has featured in music videos for stars such a Ludacris and Simon Webbe - said she wouldn't hold against someone for messing up if they had tried their hardest.

The 28-year-old also confided in the smooth talking US deportee about how much she misses her family and would burst into tears of joy if Big Brother showed her a broadcast from them.

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