Mario's 'Rolls' woman

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  • 8 July 2008

Mario says Sara is a stunning lady

Mario says Sara is a "Rolls-Royce".

The moaning muscleman compared the "stunning lady" to an expensive car during a chat with Mikey this afternoon.

The conversation started when Mikey said he could never be with a woman who smoked.

Mario asked: "Not even Sara?"

Mikey agreed he would consider it for a "one off".

Mario said: "Everyone's got a price mate. Everyone can be bought. Mmm..."

He added: "Oh yeah, she's got lovely, long, thick curly hair. She's a very, very naturally stunning lady."

Mikey suggested she could give former housemate Steph a run for her money.

Mario said: "Oh, Steph was nothing. Oh, no. Mutton dressed as lamb. There's cars, then there's Rolls-Royces. There's quality and then there's quality. And Sara's a Rolls Royce.

"Whereas Steph was more of a Ford Escort"

Mikey shouted over to Sara - who was looking for fresh vegetables - to say there were a couple of carrots that hadn't gone mouldy.

He said: "Over here. We haven't gone mouldy."

Sara was shocked at the comment.

She said: "Mikey, was that filth coming from your mouth? I'm going red in the face!"

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