Kat kisses Sara

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  • 8 July 2008

Sara and Kat kissed last night

Sara and Kathreya kissed last night.

The saucy housemates puckered up in the pool where they were having a party to top off their gothic themed evening.

The bored contestants splashed around after growing tired of arm-wresting, charades and bum-fighting.

Rebecca's suggestion of a "naked pool party" were ignored by everyone.

But things soon heated up when Sara joked that Thai masseuse Kat wanted to kiss her.

The rest of the group encouraged the pair to lock lips, but cookie fiend Kat was reluctant, saying she was "scared".

Rebecca shouted: "Snog her!"

Darnell teased: "Sara can't get no action!"

Sara - who has previously claimed she was bisexual - said she felt rejected by Kat.

Sara laughed: "F*****g hell, what's wrong with me? I actually feel humiliated."

But Kat stepped up and planted a smacker of Sara's lips.

However, Rebecca was not impressed.

She said: "That wasn't much of a snog."

But despite her criticism, Busty Bex was not prepared to show everyone how it is done.

She added: "I've never snogged a girl and I never would."

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