Housemates go goth

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  • 8 July 2008

Luke was reluctant to wear make-up

Housemates held a gothic party last night. The contestants dressed up in black and wore spooky make up before competing in another 'Big Brother's Got Talent' show.

They also made a punch from wine and cider.

Rebecca acted as stylist, but disgruntled Dale was unhappy with the result, saying he looked like Uncle Fester from horror-comedy film 'The Addams Family'.

He said: "Oh, for God's sake. I look like Uncle Fester but with hair. You've put too much on!"

After Dales "disaster" styling session, 20-year-old fuddy duddy Luke refused to let Bex apply make up to his face, saying the goth look was "repulsive". But he finally gave in.

Later, the punch went down well with the group, with sexy new housemate Sara shouting, "holy s**t, that's potent!"

Later, Mario and Lisa won the talent show with an Oompa Loompa dance.

Other acts included Belinda's rap about being fat, Luke and Mikey's bizarre piece of abstract theatre 'The Sacred Onion' and Kat and Maysoon's acrobatics.

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