Mario vs Bex

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  • 8 July 2008

Mario and Bex face the public vote

Mario and Rebecca are up for eviction this week. The Widnes muscleman and Coventry motor-mouth will face the public vote on Friday after receiving the majority of nominations from fellow housemates.

The group will be informed of the nomination results later this evening.

Mario imposes a constant annoyance on his fellow housemates by insisting they follow trivial health and safety regulations.

He also boasts about his long career in management and fan club of thousands.

Rebecca's extrovert ways are also taking their toll on the group with her constant tantrums, during which she screams and jumps up and down.

This is the third time moaning Mario has been put up for eviction.

The first time he was automatically up for eviction after failing the wedding task where he had to pretend he was engaged to former housemate Stephanie. Real girlfriend Lisa and politics student Luke were also in on the sham.

The second time he avoided eviction after fellow nominee Alexandra was kicked out for aggressive behaviour, forcing Big Brother to cancel the eviction night.

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1. Abbs x8 Jul 2008, 5:04pm Report

There's so many people on the forums who want mario to go, but when hes up against bex how Can he go?!?!
That girl has been so vile to rex and mo for no reason watsoever, and as soon as jen went she everyones best mate agen.
Mario's big headed -- thats it hes not harmfull like BEX.

So pleasee GET BEX OUT!


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