Penny Lancaster's surgery sickness

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 July 2008

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

Penny Lancaster says cosmetic surgery makes her feel sick.

The model doesn't understand why people would have unnecessary medical procedures, but admits she would never totally rule out going under the knife.

She said: "When I think about giving birth, I can't understand why women would opt for surgery, a Caesarean, if medically it's not necessary.

"I like to do things the healthy and natural way. Cosmetic surgery is one of those things where I find myself going, 'Oh no', where maybe in five years I might think, 'Well, you know.' So I don't know, but for the minute the idea turns my stomach."

Penny - who gave birth to rocker husband Rod Stewart's baby, Alistair, in 2005 - says she would consider surgery only to get her body back to how it used to be.

The 37-year-old star added to New! magazine: "I don't like the idea of changing myself and turning into something different but I'd think about it if it was a case of putting something back the way it was."

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