Mario berates Lisa

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 July 2008

Mario and Lisa argued this afternoon

Mario and Lisa have had their first big row. The pair argued over Lisa's insistence on performing domestic chores while other housemates kicked back and relaxed.

The muscleman called his partner "Mrs Scrubber" during the feud.

He said: "You need to chat more. You're trying to please everyone. You need to assert yourself.

"You've got to smell the coffee and realise other people aren't going to cook.

"Throw a few spanners in the works, it's too nice, too happy happy.

"Otherwise, before we know it, I'll be gone and you'll still be here."

But bemused Lisa defended herself against her boyfriend's attack.

She said: "That's how I am though."

But the pumped up beefcake was not prepared to leave her alone.

He said: "It grieves me to see you, my partner, come in here slaving over a kitchen. They're mugging you off. What have you learnt Lisa? Did you come in here to be Mrs Scrubber?"

Mario has previously insisted Lisa should do some of the cooking when Rex said he was happy to do the lion's share.

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