Luke's haunted skin

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 July 2008

Did a poltergeist scratch Luke?

A poltergeist scratched Luke's body last night, according to Mario. The skinny student was freaked out by the muscleman's suggestion that a paranormal entity had blemished his skin in the night.

Former bodybuilder Lisa thought it was more likely to be Bex - who shares a bed with the 20-year-old - getting frisky.

But conspiracy theorist Mario pointed out that neither he nor Bex had long enough fingernails to create suck marks.

Luke asked: "Do you think I'm haunted? Why is this happening to me?"

Lisa suggested they should hold an exorcism or blessing ceremony this evening.

Meanwhile, Kathreya, Rachel, Maysoon and Sara all moved to the B-Block bedroom this afternoon so they could get a peaceful night's sleep away from Belinda's excessive snoring.

Thoughtful Kat checked with the loud sleeper - who had previously made an unsuccessful bid to Big Brother for nasal strips to stop her snoring - to see if she was offended.

Belinda replied: "Absolutely not."

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