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Ten reasons to do The MoonWalk London 2018

Ten reasons to do the MoonWalk London 2018

Sign up to improve your fitness, soak up the sights of London at night and help raise money and awareness for breast cancer

On Sat 12 May London's 21st MoonWalk is taking place, starting and finishing on Clapham Common. 15,000 women and men will walk the streets of London wearing their colourfully decorated bras to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Participants can sign up for either the Full Moon challenge (26.2 miles) or the Half Moon (15.1 miles), but everyone is asked to raise a minimum of £100 for Walk the Walk, the largest grant making breast cancer charity in the UK.

Whether you've done a MoonWalk before or are trying to psych yourself up to be more active in the new year, we've rounded up some of the reasons why 2018's Wild West themed MoonWalk is the charity event to sign up for.

Training will help improve your fitness
You may already exercise regularly or you've signed up for The MoonWalk to improve your fitness in 2018. Whatever your reasons, it's really important to put in the hours training so that you're ready and able to face the challenge. Sharron Dobbins signed up for the Full Moon at The MoonWalk London 2017 to lose weight and combat a number of different health problems. Now she's lost 4½ stone, walks on average four miles a day and has managed to reverse her diabetes. 'Before I started walking as an exercise I couldn't walk to the local shops without having to stop to take a breath,' Sharron tells us. 'The three months of training for The MoonWalk got me hooked! I always wanted to take part in a marathon and I'm so glad I chose The MoonWalk, when you walk over that finish line it's the best feeling in the world. The achievement on the night and the training I found very emotional, especially from where I started from. I never dreamt I could do it. The MoonWalk will always be with me.'

Feel inspired by Walk the Walk's team of volunteers
While you're completing your challenge, you'll notice the huge team of volunteers helping to keep your spirits high throughout the night; some working as marshals and others just cheering you on or providing water and snacks. If you'd like to join the team of 2,000 volunteers, register now at

Ten reasons to do the MoonWalk London 2018

See London's iconic sights at night
The MoonWalk route gives you the chance to see some of the city's main attractions lit up after dark. You'll pass some of the capital's main landmarks including St Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Tower Bridge. The Full Moon and Half Moon join for the first few miles before splitting for their separate routes.

Let your creativity flourish
Walk the Walk's bras are their trademark and how they manage to raise so much money and awareness for breast cancer. All walkers (female and male) are given a bra to embellish as much or as little as they desire, but decorating to fit the Wild West theme is encouraged.

Take part in the UK's biggest line dance
Before walkers set off, there's a mass warm up in Walk the Walk's pink tent on Clapham Common. As part of the warm up and to fit in with this year's theme, participants are invited to join what is thought to be the largest ever line dance in the UK.

Enjoy Wild West themed entertainment
As part of the pre-walk entertainment, the UK's number one Dolly Parton tribute, Kelly O'Brien will perform some of the Tennessee singer-songwriter's most popular hits. All MoonWalkers will also receive a special cowboy hat to wear on the night.

Ten reasons to do the MoonWalk London 2018

Help raise money for vital breast cancer causes
London's MoonWalk 2018 will raise £6 million in just one night which goes towards funding research into breast cancer or helping those living with the disease. Walk the Walk grant the funds to certain projects and organisations which they believe make the biggest difference. Previous funding has gone towards fitting Scalp Coolers in many hospitals across the UK to help reduce hair loss during chemotherapy.

Walk with the support of your friends and family
Many solo MoonWalkers take part in the charity walk each year, but thousands of people take on the challenge as part of a larger group. Jo Palmer from Cornwall has taken part in The MoonWalk London for the past two years with her daughter and friends. 'The sister of one of our team members very sadly died of breast cancer 11 years ago,' says Jo. 'That spurred us on to do it as a team and a lot of us have known people with breast cancer. It is quite a difficult challenge, walking through the night is very tiring, it's quite cold, you're wearing a bra, so all those things add to the challenge, but it's great fun and the atmosphere on the night is brilliant.'

Ten reasons to do the MoonWalk London 2018

Meet new people
When all 15,000 participants are together at the beginning – all wearing their bras to unite against breast cancer – it creates an incredible vibrant atmosphere with plenty of opportunity to meet other members of the 'Walk the Walk family'.

Feel a great sense of achievement
If walking 26.2 miles or 15.1 miles in the middle of the night isn't enough of an achievement, after the Full or Half Moon challenge, all walkers will be given a medal with an inspirational quote engraved on the back.

The MoonWalk London, Clapham Common, Sat 12 May, entries now open.