Kat's jail prank

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  • 7 July 2008

Kat played a prank on fellow housemates

Kathreya lied to the group about being sentenced to jail. The cheeky prankster emerged from the Diary Room and simply said "jail" to her fellow housemates as she made her way outside.

Mikey shouted: "Jail! Kat in jail?! This is major, this is major!"

Luke, Darnell, Dale and Mohamed told the loveable cookie fiend they would look after while she was locked up and keep her company like she did for them.

Politics student Luke, 20, asked Kat if she would be able to nominate later in the morning, but Kat shook her head.

But as the fibber was almost at the jail, she turned to reveal it was a trick and laughed as she confessed she had only been called to the Diary Room to have her microphone fixed.

Mohamed said: "I can't believe you did that. Don't come and hug me!"

Luke has previously warned other housemates of Kat playing games in order to win the reality show.

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